3 Reasons To Invest In Roadside Assistance For Your Commercial Trucks

Many businesses rely on commercial trucks to transport products. Caring for these large trucks properly is the only way to ensure the safety of your products and employees when the trucks are out on the road.

If your business doesn't have a roadside assistance plan for its commercial vehicles, you should consider investing in one today. Roadside assistance plans offer a number of benefits that will help your commercial trucks perform more efficiently over time.

1. Quickly Address Driver Errors

Driver error can sideline a commercial truck. Mistakes like locking the keys in a commercial truck or failing to fill the fuel tank before starting a delivery run can seriously compromise the efficiency of your fleet.

A roadside assistance plan allows you to address driver errors quickly. An experienced technician can be dispatched to your truck's location within minutes. The technician will have all of the tools needed to open a locked door or replenish a truck's fuel supply.

Your drivers will be able to get back on the road faster, and your deliveries can remain on schedule.

2. Prevent Costly Tows

Commercial trucks tend to be larger than the average passenger truck. This can make performing basic emergency maintenance a real challenge. If one of your drivers gets a flat tire while delivering a product, it could be impossible for the employee to change the tire alone.

The technicians who work with companies that provide roadside assistance have vehicles equipped with all of the heavy tools needed to change out a commercial truck's tire.

Being able to have a technician come to your truck to complete a tire change can eliminate the costly tow fees you would incur if the truck needed to be transported to a tire shop.

3. Stay on Schedule

Many companies that rely on commercial trucks work both day and night hours. If you have commercial trucks making deliveries during the late evening or early morning hours, a roadside assistance plan is a necessity.

If a truck breaks down during these shifts, no regular mechanic shops will be open to help you make repairs. A roadside assistance technician can immediately travel to the location of a disabled commercial vehicle, regardless of the time.

You will be able to secure timely repairs so that your delivery schedule is not compromised.

Access to a roadside assistance plan can help you make your commercial fleet more efficient over time. For more information about specific roadside assistance programs, like 24-hour truck road service, contact a local company.

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